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Is Norway a member of the EU?

Norway is not a member of the EU but is involved in close cooperation with the EU through the EEA. 

Norway first applied for membership of the EC in 1962 but, because of the hostility of French President Charles de Gaulle towards Britain’s membership of the EC, negotiations with all the applicant countries (Britain, Ireland, Denmark and Norway ) broke down at the beginning of 1963. Subsequently, Norway concluded negotiations on accession to the EU twice and signed a membership treaty but, before the Norwegian Government ratified the accession treaties a majority voted 'no' in referendums on Norway ’s accession to the EU.

Norway applied for membership in 1972 together with Denmark, Britain and Ireland, and again in 1994 when the EU was to be enlarged to take in Sweden, Finland and Austria.

Norwegian referendums on accession to the EU
 Date of referendum  YesNo  Voter participation
 25 September 1972 46,7 % 53,3% 79,2%
 28 November 1994 47,8 % 52,2% 89%

Sidst opdateret: 30-07-2008  - ANSJ