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Denmark & EU

EU issues in the Folketing

The European Affairs Committee of the Folketing plays a central role in Danish EU policy.

Before a Danish Minister heads off to Brussels to make decisions at the Council of Ministers, he or she will have appeared before the European Affairs Committeeto obtain what is known as a mandate for negotiation.

This means that a majority of the Committee’s members must not be opposed to the Minister’s position to a given proposal on the Council’s agenda.

As long ago as 1961 the Folketing appointed an ad hoc committee to monitor the Government’s negotiations concerning Denmark’s accession to the EEC. It was called the Market Negotiation Committee. After Denmark's accession to the EEC, the Committee’s name was changed to the Market Committee.

In 1994 the Committee's name was changed again to the European Affairs Committee as a result of the Maastricht Treaty. Throughout time the European Affairs Committee has played a vital role in the Folketing’s ongoing control of the Government with regard to its EU policy.

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